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2013 MakeMagic NEWS: The VANITY FAIR June feature article about Dr. John Mack written by NY Times investigative journalist Ralph Blumenthal is now online! Click here to read "Alien Nation: Have Humans Been Abducted by Extraterrestrials?"

2012 MakeMagic NEWS: We are extremely excited to announce that after a four year negotiation, we have secured the Life Rights to the incredible true story of Harvard Psychiatry professor and Pulitzer prize-winning author, Dr. John Mack whose traditional world was shattered when his study of people who claimed to be abducted by aliens led him to a shocking conclusion – they were not lying and they were not crazy. His assertion made worldwide headlines and resulted in an embarrassed Harvard launching a secret inquiry in an attempt to discredit Dr. Mack and strip him of his reputation and his tenure – a first in the university's history.

Listen to a 2005 BBC reporter (45 seconds, mp3)

Our Life Rights gives us exclusivity to Dr. Mack’s personal archives which include:

  • John Mack’s best-selling book, Abduction and follow-up, Passport to the Cosmos.
  • Private journals, 200+ essays and 150+ press interviews spanning Dr. Mack’s career.
  • John Mack’s unpublished manuscript detailing the Harvard ordeal.
  • Private audio recordings of the trial.
  • Witness transcripts of Harvard colleagues secretly testifying against Dr. Mack.
  • An interview with Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz condemning the secret inquiry.
  • Confidential correspondence between Dr. Mack, his attorneys and his main adversaries at Harvard.
  • Access to Dr. Mack’s sons, wife, lifelong friends, personal assistant of 30 years and many of the men and women who shared their alien encounters with Dr. Mack.

The John Mack project is currently in development as a major motion picture. Click here for more information about the John Mack Project »