MakeMagic Productions is dedicated to the development and production of commercially viable and richly entertaining film, television and theatre. We are drawn to powerful stories, inspiring narratives and compelling characters that move, enlighten and entertain – whether through comedy or drama – and have a universal appeal in the global marketplace.

Denise David Williams

After earning a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Hofstra University, Ms. Williams attended the University of Southern California graduate film producing program while simultaneously holding her first job in Hollywood as a production assistant on E.T.

Ms. Williams advanced to Story Editor at 20th Century Fox/IndieProd Co. where she analyzed feature film scripts and worked with A-List writers and directors such as Robert Zemeckis, Lawrence Kasdan and Buck Henry.

As Director of Creative Affairs for Arkoff International Pictures, she developed their feature film material and had extensive production responsibilities on their slate of films.

Ms. Williams served as Vice President of Production for Kopelson Entertainment where she was responsible for acquiring and developing feature film projects for both foreign and domestic markets. Among the many projects under her auspices were WarlockTriumph of the Spirit and Platoon, which grossed over $100 million dollars and garnered Best Director and Best Picture Academy Awards for director Oliver Stone and producer Arnold Kopelson, respectively.

As president of MakeMagic Productions, Ms. Williams is:

Producer/writer of the motion picture, John Mack: The Believer, the true story of the Harvard psychiatrist who lost everything when he defended people who claimed to be abducted by aliens.

Co-producer/co-writer with Caron Tate of Love After, an African-American love story inspired by true events about a romance that continues after the premature death of one of the lovers.

Playwright/Producer of A Good American, an autobiographical play about the power of love, the struggles of grief and the resilience of family. In 2022, it was chosen for the VOICES OF WOMEN THEATRE FESTIVAL for a full production at the Loft Ensemble in North Hollywood, filmed and streamed globally.

Producer of the father/son reconciliation comedy, Oscar Divo. MakeMagic gained the rights to the underlying French source material, translated and developed it into a feature film.

Ms. Williams is married to musician/ composer/arranger Larry Williams, known for his keyboard and saxophone solos on Michael Jackson's ThrillerBad and Off the Wall albums as well as on 1500 other tracks.

Ms. Williams is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, west.