Script Consulting

Thank you for coming to MakeMagic Productions for assistance with your SCREENPLAY or STORY IDEA. We work with writers from all over the world to assist in the development of an original idea or in raising the quality of their screenplays to a level that is competitive in the Hollywood marketplace. Projects that come to us in this way often become part of the MakeMagic slate or are bought by other companies.

At MakeMagic, we highly respect writers and the art form of writing. Our intention, in addition to helping you to improve your script, is to support you in your goals in any way that we can.

For Help With Screenplays

After reading your screenplay, we do specific and general notes on story, structure, dialogue and character development. These notes address particular areas in your screenplay that need work and are also geared to making your project as professionally and commercially viable as possible. The goal is to address those objective areas that will impede someone from “loving your project”, not to focus on subjective points that could change with each reader.

We schedule a time for a one-on-one phone consultation so we can discuss the notes and address your thoughts, ideas or questions prior to you starting your rewrite. This conversation lasts until we are done. There is no set time. We also send the notes to you to consider and incorporate and encourage you to keep in contact with us while you are rewriting. 

We always maintain an “open door” policy for writers even after our initial work is done. In addition, if you want help writing your logline, we'll do that for you at no extra charge.

If would like the same level of assistance but without written notes, we read your script and give you the notes via a phone consultation. The call lasts until we are done, the “open door” policy applies after the conference, and we will help you with your logline at no extra charge. We review subsequent drafts of your screenplay at a reduced rate.



Getting Representation 

When we determine the writer’s work to be at a highly professional level and the nature of the screenplay to be saleable, we can help the writer to secure representation.

Do you have a great idea that you don't want to write yourself?

Whether you are the writer or you want us to help match a writer to your story, bring us your idea; we will find the appropriate writer, oversee development, and deliver you a screenplay that you will own. You will participate in the entire process. It’s your idea and your vision. We help you execute it.